I love shooting seniors. Seriously. The chance to document some of the best years of your life is amazing. Getting to capture not only your physical beauty, but your spirit + personality.


First of all, I want to remove the stigma that can often ruin the potential excitement and fun of senior portrait session. Before I became interested in the world of photography, the words “senior portraits” made me think of crisp dress shirts that were only worn for weddings, cold, dark studios, and lots of “1…2…3… cheese”. This is the exact opposite of what I want your senior portrait session to be like. I want you to be excited for your session. Pumped. Ready to go. Thrilled. You don’t want the same blue backdrop you’ve seen in every school photo since you were five? Good! I want to work with you and your ideas to coordinate your dream session. You want a session with streams, brooks and paths in the woods? I’ll get my feet wet and my boots a little dirty. You want mountains and valleys? Get your hiking shoes on. Heck, we can even travel to a big city. Grab a couple of your favorite outfits, (because let’s face it, when you feel good, you look good) and lets create some photos that show you just how awesome you are.


With all those fun ideas aside, let’s talk details. When I say I’m ready to work with you, I’m not lying. When planning everything about your session, I’d love to be as involved to ensure that everything comes out perfectly. I don’t want you to be stuck with the same brick and train track senior photos we’ve all seen  When we book and set up your session we’ll talk about outfits, locations, and how to prepare for your session. Don’t be afraid to snap some pics of potential outfits or locations and send them to me. As far as locations go, I have a list of some great places, but I’m always up for suggestions.


When the day of your session arrives you should be totally excited and ready to go! I don’t want you to be nervous or hesitant to let your true self shine through. Bring a friend or two and let’s have some fun! I pride myself in my ability to create a relaxed, warm environment that allows you to feel confident and provide you with natural, beautiful photos you can enjoy. There won’t be any “smile on three’s”, awkward poses or forced smiles. You don’t like serious expressions? No problem, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. On the flip side, if you know you rock the serious face better than any Jenner or Kardashian, you bet we’re gonna get some great shots.

Bottom line: Evan David Photography is dedicated to providing quality senior portraits in a comfortable, fun environment.Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to get a session scheduled!

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